5 ways to get back in shape

We are at the beginning of 2018 and it is still the right moment to decide to get back in shape starting the usual exercises to tone up, in time for summer. Parties and banquets have done their duty but now, after pleasure, duty comes.

5 ways to get back in shape

5 ways to get back in shape

How can we do to get back on track before completely skidding?
The ways are always the same as last year and they are all very simple, the difficulty is in the change of life that must be implemented: changing the diet, devoting free time to the movement and to sport and eliminating all those vices that we liked so much.

There are 5 things you can do to help us:

  1. drink a lot.
  2. to have breakfast.
  3. regularize the power supply.
  4. make movement.
  5. avoid stress.

Some points belong to the food sphere but they are so undervalued that they deserve separate treatment, in fact, you can’t just eat more vegetables to say “I’m on a diet”, but let’s see them specifically!

Drink, drink and drink again!

Let’s see how a well-balanced diet should be managed, keeping in mind that we will deal with the subject in a general way and that a diet should be regulated according to our needs with the help of an expert.

Let’s start with an element that is often cited but that, curiously, when we talk about diet and how to get back in shape is always excluded a priori in our imagination, which is essential: water!

Known for its 70% water content, our body needs at least 1.5 L of water taken from meals during the day. This is because water is essential for all the physiological functions and biochemical reactions of our body starting from digestion, absorption, transport, and use of nutrients as well as being the main means for the disposal of harmful substances.

Good breakfast and snacks

Regarding the power supply, in general, it is good to remember to respect some tricks. Making snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon with appropriate foods, energize and help keep the metabolism active by promoting digestion and helping to reduce the portions of the main meals. Usually, we recommend fresh or dried fruit.

Another very underestimated meal is breakfast: it is important and we must get into the habit of doing it in order to reactivate the body’s physiological mechanisms in the morning, take the energy needed for the first part of the day and be more productive.

If you do not eat the body does not have enough energy to reactivate and it will be difficult to work or even digest. An excellent breakfast includes the intake of green tea, fruit and/or yogurt, rusks!


To organize with the two main meals it is good to follow a precise food order based on our rhythms of life. Here too there are some small tricks to follow, such as trying to vary a lot the types of dishes that are cooked: our Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular and varied diets.

Another point to keep in mind to organize is to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables belonging to the 5 colors (which symbolize all the phytonutrients contained in the fruits and vegetables of various colors) and that it is good to take advantage of those in season.

Last tricks, but not least: eating slowly promotes digestion and reduces the amount of food needed to feel full and eat less in the evening when the metabolism slows down and everything that is not used is transformed into accumulated fat.

Sport and movement

The last steps for good physical shape are related to the movement. Obviously playing sports or going to the gym is the best solution to be able to move and keep fit, tone your muscles and bring all the benefits that come with your body and mind.

Se si è impossibilitati a frequentare palestre o fare sport, tuttavia, è buona norma cercare di fare del moto almeno ogni due giorni, l’importante è sudare per poter espellere i residui nocivi dell’organismo. Fare degli esercizi la mattina aiuta a riattivare le funzioni celebrali ma ricordatevi di fare stretching prima del movimento.

Ci sono esercizi e guide molto semplici da eseguire e sul mondo digitale si trovano delle vere e proprie scuole interattive gratuite che possono aiutare ad eseguirli correttamente, aiutandoci a tenere il ritmo e la postura corretta. Ricordatevi che la differenza la farà la vostra caparbietà nel superare le prime settimane di sforzo fisico.

In short, between regularizing the diet and starting to move every two days there are really a lot of adjustments planned for this year, and for moments of relaxation, there’s Malka Beauty!

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