Anti-aging and skin regeneration: how to give energy and vitality to the skin of the face, visibly reducing wrinkles, lines, and signs of aging? An increasingly central topic in the world of cosmetics that continues its research activity to develop products and ingredients for the well-being, health, and beauty of people. Let’s examine more closely the ingredients and active ingredients most used in anti-aging and skin regeneration.


Retinol as an antiaging

Also known as provitamin A, retinol is very effective in countering skin aging, as it stimulates cell renewal of tissues by counteracting expression lines and at the same time providing greater hydration.
One of the main functions of retinol is to perform a sebum-regulating action, which is why it is very suitable for those with oily skin.
It is also indicated for those with dry skin as it stimulates cell regeneration and removes dead cells.
In addition to being present in cosmetic products, retinol can also be taken by eating: vitamin A, in fact, is present in carrots, pumpkins, bananas, peppers, spinach and, more generally, in all vegetables that have a yellow color- orange as well as in beef, dairy products, and eggs.

Stem cells for skin regeneration

In anti-age treatments, plant stem cells have a tissue regeneration action. Plants are organisms of incredible plasticity. They normally adapt to changes in the environment, brightness, and temperature. They stay in the sun at tropical temperatures and at temperatures of many degrees below zero, they suffer cuts and pruning. Nevertheless, they reconstruct leaves, flowers and stems without problems. The English oak (Quercus Robur) has the ability to reform an entire organism starting from single cellular groups that are in a dormant state (for example during the winter period) but for which it is enough to cause a re-awakening event to start the mechanism of new cell formation.

The tensor effect of Cyclodextrins

The cyclodextrins were isolated in the early 1900s, a period in which they were identified as cellulose; to follow was discovered their enzyme, essential for their use in the cosmetic field.
They are sugars that occur in the cyclic form obtained by breaking the starch through an enzyme known as CGT starting from raw materials of totally vegetable origin.
They offer great advantages as a vehicle for active ingredients since once tied and complexed inside the cavity they are well preserved and protected from the oxidation of the air and external agents.
Another notable plus of Cyclodextrins consists in the fact that their release in contact with the skin takes place in a gradual and controlled way, offering a prolongation of one’s activity over time; consequently, they are a valid ally in anti-aging and cosmetic treatments in general.

The protective action of soy proteins

Soy proteins are increasingly used in the preparation of anti-aging and cosmetic products due to the film-forming action of reducing the evaporation of water from the superficial epidermal layers, with the consequence of maintaining skin hydration and protecting the skin.
The effects of soy on the skin consist in providing the skin with a pleasant sensation of softness and smoothness giving it a smooth and velvety appearance.
Considered as the vegetable substitute of the animal placenta, of which they have the same characteristics, they contain a high rate of nutrients (trace elements and vitamins) that contribute to the cellular regeneration of the skin.

Anti-wrinkle retinol vials and Format stem cells

The Format has developed the anti-aging product “ Anti-wrinkle vials with retinol and stem cells ”, a concentrated and nourishing anti-wrinkle serum with a lifting effect that promotes skin regeneration thanks to its ingredients:

  • Pure Retinol promotes cell renewal by acting against skin aging;
  • the Plant Stem Cells extracted from the Marina Oak stimulate the skin regeneration process, reinforcing the defenses against external agents;
  • Cyclodextrins exert an extraordinary tensor and anti-aging effect;

Vegetable extracts, soy proteins, panthenol, and sorbitol play a protective and highly moisturizing action.

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