Benefits of almond oil for skin

Almond oil is a natural product that can help you with your body and skin because the benefits of almond oil for skin are countless. The oil is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, potassium, zinc and a bunch of minerals which are very good for our skin and hair.

Who can use the oil?

Almond oil is a natural moisturizer that can be used for everyone and any type of skin.  It’s particularly beneficial for dry, flaky, and sensitive skin. Before we take a look on the benefits let us understand the difference between sweet and bitter almonds.

Almonds from the store are most likely sweet almonds. Bitter almonds are a type of high-cyanide-containing almonds, but also: “Bitter almonds” you see for sale/on ingredient lists are usually the seeds of stone fruit like apricots, cherries, and peaches.


What is almond oil?

Almond oil is produced by a bunch of extracted almonds which makes it a pure natural product. Here is the list of benefits from the almond oil:

1. It makes your skin smooth

If you have dry skin then almond oil should be the right tool for you. Just use a bit of the oil on your skin and you are ready to go. The dryness of your skin should not be a problem anymore if you use it regularly. You can mix up the almond oil with other natural oils and then you’ll end up having a good mix of helpful tools for your body and skin. It is the Vitamin E in the oil that gives your skin the beautiful glow.

2. It gives you the shiny hair

Southeast Asia is the place where the beautiful almond trees were discovered, so does that mean that the people there have the shiniest hair? Let’s take a look at what almond oil can actually do for shiny hair. Almond oil can repair, brighten and fill your hair with a beautiful shiny look. First apply almond oil to your hair right after washing it. An organic shampoo would give the best results in this case. Then dry the hair with a towel and rub the oil through the entire length of the hair. Let the hair dry naturally and you are already done. This treatment gives your hair a great shiny look that you won’t regret.

sweet almond oil benefits for hair

3. It prevents and controls hair loss

We talked about the shiny benefits for your hair and now we are slowly going to see for how many things the almond oil is good for. The oil can prevent hair loss in many cases so this might be a helpful treatment for people that have problems with their hair. You need to use almond oil on a regular basis to control hair loss. Warm one tablespoon or two of almond oil and apply it on your head and hair every night after you take a shower or bath. Leave it on overnight for the best results.

Use a few drops of almond oil for your salad or smoothie. This will help your hair from the inside to control hair loss and make your hair more healthy.

4. It helps your nails to be more healthy

If your nails are thin and chip off easily then it indicates mineral insufficiency. What you need is a regular almond oil treatment, don’t forget that the oil is very rich in zinc which will help your nails to get more healthy. The oil also contains great amounts of B-complex Vitamins and iron that also help to improve your nail health. Apply a drop of warm oil on your nails and rub it into the cuticle. If you can’t find the time to do it every day then try to apply it once a week in order to get thicker and smoother nails.

5. It removes dark circles

If you have dark circles under your eyes then almond oil is working very effective against that. Simply apply the oil every night before you are going to bed and you will see a noticeable difference in about 1 or 2 weeks.

6. It helps against acne

Skin problems like acne, blackhead and whiteheads are often caused by dirt and oil trapped in the pores of the skin. The essential fatty acids found in almonds should control the amount of oil on your skin and body and prevent acne breakouts. If you don’t know how to get rid of your acne then almond oil should be one of your good friends because the oil helps to moisture, thus protecting
it from harsh external conditions.

The fatty acids contained in almond oil tend to dissolve the excess sebum by cleaning the pores which were resulting in breakouts. The oil has natural exfoliating properties which helps in removing the dead skin cells from your body or face. It also reduces acne scars and it improves skin texture. Almond oil contains natural antioxidants and compounds that can kill the bacteria
that live deep inside the pores of your skin and cause acne.

Many people who suffer from acne don’t wish to use harsh chemicals on their skin. Peroxide and rubbing alcohol can dry out your skin over time, further increasing the abnormal production of oil.

There are endless ways for the almond oil to benefit your body, skin and health. Overall it is a gently, pure, clean and natural blessings for everyone.

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