After shaving, the skin is often irritated: redness, burning, and hypersensitivity of the skin are common post-shave disorders that occur particularly in the most sensitive skin.
Here are some useful tips to protect your skin before and after shaving and avoid these irritations.



Hydrate your skin with warm water before shaving

Before shaving, it is always advisable to moisturize the skin, preparing it for shaving. Softening the hair will make it easier to shave since hydration and heat facilitate the razor’s passage thanks to their emollient effect.
The best practice for properly preparing the skin is to take a bath or a hot shower: the steam and moisture soften the hair and lift it off the skin, making shaving easier.
As an alternative to the bath or hot shower, you can apply a cloth dampened with warm water on the skin for at least 5 minutes to dilate the pores and remove dead cells.

Exfoliation before shaving

Another fundamental step, especially for particularly hard beards, to be carried out before shaving is the exfoliation of the skin. To exfoliate the skin, apply a pre-shave lotion or conditioner to the face. Once applied, massage the skin for a few seconds to align the hair for a more even shave and remove dead cells for a deeper shave.

Always use shaving cream

To avoid irritation it is also advisable to shave using shaving cream for sensitive skin and not just water or soap and water. After applying the cream, wait a few seconds before starting to shave so that it can best perform its emollient action, making the hair soft and straight. In case you want to perform a second razor pass on some areas always remember to reapply the cream. It is also advisable to shave in the direction of hair growth and perform short, light movements with the razor to avoid irritation. Finally, do not forget to rinse the razor with warm water before shaving and to change the blade frequently.

After shaving

Once shaved, rinse the face many times by gently dabbing with cold water to facilitate the closing of the pores and alleviate any irritation. Then apply a post-shave lotion or conditioner to reduce the burning and redness caused by the razor and at the same time moisturize the skin avoiding irritation.
A line of products to protect the skin before and after shaving
To protect the skin before and after shaving, Format has created the Taurus Man line for men that refreshes and softens the skin and eliminates irritation thanks to the use of:

  • Pre /post-Beard Balm: softening fluid for the beard based on Hyaluronic Acid. Formulated with innovative and natural ingredients, the fluid is applied before shaving on damp skin. Massage for a few seconds, apply a warm cloth and apply foam or shaving soap. We proceed to shave;
  • After Shave: after shave with hyaluronic acid and snail slime. Creamy fluid and rapidly absorbed, it refreshes and softens the skin, eliminating irritation. Snail Burr contains beneficial substances such as Collagen, Elastin, and Vitamins from the ACE group. It also has wonderful healing virtues that eliminate post-depilation excoriations and irritations;
  • Beard and Hair Bio: cleansing shampoo for all types of beards and hair. Ideal for dry and unstructured hair or particularly damaged by atmospheric agents. It can be used every day;
  • Oil for Beard and Hair; polishing oil for shaving and hair with restructuring and softening properties. Makes the hair shiny and untangled without greasing.

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