Hydration the best skin care products

Our skin is the first barrier that stands between us and the outside world, absorbing the impact of atmospheric agents and sudden changes in temperature. These two factors together with our diet can damage the balance of our skin, making it dry and giving rise to annoyances such as itching or small wrinkles.

Hydration the best skin care products

Hydration the best skin care products

Dry or dehydrated skin?

Before starting we need to make a distinction between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is not a type of skin since its condition does not depend on a low production of sebum (as for dry skin) but on alteration of the hydro-lipid barrier that protects it.

This alteration is often due to stress, pollution, cold temperatures or the use of too aggressive detergents. Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin does not require the use of products that provide a continuous supply of lipids but of agents capable of retaining water molecules.

This distinction is fundamental because every problem must be treated with the right remedies, for example, it will not be necessary to use moisturizing skin care products and butter (which despite the name offer deep hydration and protection against external agents) on a skin that has lipid deficiency.

However, the condition of dehydrated skin and dry a lipidic skin (ie lacking in lipids) often coexist, giving rise to more complex forms of Xerosis to be treated adequately with medical consultation.

The best treatments

Once the problem has been identified, you can act directly on it, avoiding worsening the situation by using the wrong products. In most homes, it is the lack of hydration that is at the root of the problem and fortunately, nowadays the products that treat this problem are numerous.

In modern times, moreover, our attention is shifting more and more to natural beauty products that generally offer greater safety and above all act delicately on each type of skin depending on the product. In the section dedicated to the hydration of the body, there is a very well-stocked sample of fragrances, oils, kinds of butter and creams suitable for every need.


In recent years the use of body butter has become widespread as an alternative to classic moisturizers or body milk creams. It contains emollient ingredients such as shea butter and coconut as well as essential oils such as olive oil and jojoba.

Its composition allows it to create a filter between our skin and atmospheric agents as well as pollution and allows the skin to remain hydrated and perfume for a long time. The best way to use this kind of product is immediately after the shower because being thick it will melt on contact with warm skin and will be absorbed in a few minutes.

An example of excellent butter, with more than 20% of shea is definitely Coco Beach which turns out to be very soft and light in contact with the skin, with a delicate fragrance of coconut and lime sweetened by a touch of vanilla also containing essential oils of Chamomile and Clary Sage.

In conclusion…

In addition to adopting a balanced lifestyle and a diet rich in water and mineral salts, using products to help the skin to cope with stress and temperature is essential for staying strong.

It is often thought that natural beauty, without treatments or additions, is the best but we must think that the rhythms of life have changed, becoming more and more pressing and it is good to be able to also adapt our habits using appropriate products, better if natural!

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