You can check what kind of skin you have in a few simple steps

You can check what kind of skin you have in a few simple steps:

  1. Clean your face thoroughly with a cotton swab and PURE cleansing milk
    2. Apply a small amount of TONE toner on a disc and spread it over your face.
    3. Let the skin rest for 15 minutes without applying anything.
    4. Do not drink coffee, alcohol, or smoke.
    5. Now you can observe it by focusing on the following characteristics: oily areas, blackheads or white points, skin that “pulls”, feeling to the touch.
You can check what kind of skin you have in a few simple steps

You can check what kind of skin you have in a few simple steps


  • few blackheads (blackheads);
  • the skin does not pull;
  • normal sized pores;
  • the smooth and polished surface that remains soft;
  • no greasy areas;
  • occasional rashes may occur;


  • feeling of tension and itching;
  • small, almost invisible pores;
  • rare blackheads;
  • can have a dull and dull and wrinkled appearance;
  • small fine lines especially around the eyes and around the mouth;
  • very sensitive skin, where red patches often form from reaction to cold or heat, following the intake of certain foods or emotional stress.


  • blackheads on the nose, chin, and forehead (T-zone);
  • the slight sense of tension on the whole face;
  • dry, wrinkled and not well-colored appearance;
  • not very smooth;
  • scales easily;
  • very sensitive, delicate and not very elastic.


  • blackheads all over the face;
  • large pores;
  • to the touch, the skin is slightly oily and leaves an oily residue on the fingers;
  • color tending to gray;
  • characteristic odor;
  • shiny appearance;
  • presence of boils;
  • presence of white spots.


  • blackheads and blackheads in the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead);
  • on the cheeks the skin “pulls”, it is dry and sometimes it easily scales off;
  • often presents couperose.


  • strong sense of tension;
  • red spots all over the face, especially in areas of very dry skin;
  • it is rough to the touch.


  • blackheads and pustules (often inflamed) all over the face;
  • to the touch is greasy;
  • sense of tension on the whole face.


  • lack of muscle tone;
  • shooting

As you can see, each type of skin is unique.
But don’t panic, everyone has the same needs: cleanliness, hydration, protection.

In choosing the products used, we often adopt the treatments to our skin type. There are some treatments like Akiko-Yo, which thanks to “Skin Intelligence” adapt to your skin type, even the most sensitive.

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